Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Black Blood Brothers is made based on a light novel series of the same title. It is a TV show which premiered on September 8, 2006, on the Kid Station and later broadcast on other Japanese TV channels. “Group TAC” studio and “Studio Live” united to make this anime series, and Hiroaki Yoshikawa directed it based on the original script written by Kohei Azano. It also got the license to broadcast in North America, where it debuted on May 2, 2009.

Plot and Summary

The story of the series began in the 19th century with an appearance by an unknown vampire in Hong Kong, where he started his dynasty. He was later known by a nickname Kowloon King. There is an interesting fact about his descendants. Namely, anyone bitten by them becomes one of them, but won’t have the vampire blood.

Common people found out about the existence of vampires thanks to Kowloon. Therefore, they decided to join forces and try to wipe out the Kowloon King and his descendants. The war between these factions lasted for a long time, and the Special Zone where all vampires might live was established.

The story focuses on Jiro Mochizuki, the so-called Silver Blade, who killed the majority of Kowloon King’s descendants in the war. He returns to Japan 10 years after the war with his little brother so as to enter the Special Zone. However, he learns that a group od the remained descendants of the Kowloon King want to infiltrate the Special Zone and wreak havoc, so he is forced to protect it and fight his old enemies once again.

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Black Blood Brothers Season 1 ended on November 24, 2006. No one has announced anything officially about the renewal of the anime series, but something might change in the near future since anime have caught on to a great extent and there are many people that would love to see the sequel of the show.