BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Announces BES12 Cloud For Its Enterprise Customers in Hong Kong

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has launched the new BES12™ Cloud, an EMM cross-platform cloud service designed specifically for 1010 enterprise customers in Hong Kong.

The new platform is a cloud-based enterprise mobility service that offers easy management for Blackberry, Android, Windows, and iOS. The service is also integrated with Samsung KNOX and Android for work devices. 1010 is a high-end brand offered by KHT, Hong Kong’s leading mobile service provider.

The announcement lines up with Blackberry’s introduction of an Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing platform introduced by 1010 earlier this year. The offering allows customers to integrate the BES12™ service with their regular monthly wireless subscription. Blackberry’s plan is for the BES12™ service to span beyond the boundaries of EMM so that it can venture into communications, identity, and collaboration and access management. The goal is to have the system rooted within the secure enterprise ecosystem so it can offer the best experience to the clients.

Part of the driving force behind the new cloud-based mobility solution service is to provide more variety and flexibility to enterprise customers. This will allow them to manage their mobile solutions with ease while supporting other device mobility policies without having to involve other complicated and expensive ad-ons.

A survey carried out in Hong Kong indicates that more than 50% of the SMEs in the city identify the need for data security. They also recognize the advantages that cloud services offer especially in mitigating the risks involved in data security. Blackberry is making sure that the new BES12 Cloud will be compatible with the existing mobile deployment models. This will encourage the enterprise customers to adopt the new platform especially through the simple and easy setup.

HKT’s marketing director Tom Chan claims that the increasing number of mobile deployment models is turning enterprise mobility management into a complicated task. However, the partnership with Blackberry allows the company to meet the customer’s need as well as providing more value and flexibility.