BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) Passport Review Typed On The Devise Itself

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) Passport got a review that was typed on the Passport device itself. Reviewer Brad Molen (via Engadget) to give a thorough a review on Passport “decided to type the entire thing from the phone itself.” Passport was the first device that Molen used since the Motorola Droid 4 in 2012 or the BlackBerry Q10 in 2013.

Molen says that the keyboard in not a normal one, when compared to modern smartphone standards “it’s a flattened, hybrid setup with both physical and virtual elements and a curiously placed space bar.” The reviewer referred the Passport as an “odd device” and believes that it should be put to ultimate test such as typing thousand words of text.

Full books on BlackBerry devices

However, there are fans, who have typed whole book on their Blackberry devices, according to Blackberry’s Biz Blog post.

English Journalist Geordie Greig typed massive 80,000 words on his BlackBerry, which are more than 270 pages of text. Reason why Greig relied on his phone was that his nature of work did not give him enough time to write, which is why he resorted to his phone writing few lines whenever he got time.

Brett Restall, Fantasy writer, also, pulled out a similar stunt when he typed 50 pages and uploaded them to the Publisher’s desk where Sweden’s Elementa picked it up. Restall is an also owner of a small business, which did not give him ample time to work. Last writer, Doug Shuler also wrote short notes during his free time as he did not had a laptop, and QWERTY came as a feasible idea. On his BlackBerry Shuler has finished three books.

These writers completed their books on older models of Blackberry, which indicates that with Passport they can do even more as the phone is perfectly designed for typing.

BlackBerry Passport more than just a device

There are various large enterprises that invest their trust in Blackberry as it offers an extraordinary level of data encryption and compression. Blackberry Passport has 3-row QWERTY keyboard, metal frame and very sharp display, which makes it one of the finest corporate devices with multitude of features and specifications.  With 4.5-inch screen the phone has a display of 1440×1440 pixel resolution, which is comfortable enough to view the whole website. Blackberry integrated sharpness to a level to make sure that every word on the screen is visible to the eyes.

Blackberry Passport has a wide-screen for giving a full-view of the charts and data along with QWERTY keyboard. The phone almost looks like a mini laptop and the unconventional design of the phone makes it more than just a phone.