BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Teams Up With China Mobile Hong Kong to Introduce EMM to Enterprise Clients


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) announced yesterday that it is bringing its BES12 Cloud to its Enterprise Mobility customers courtesy of China Mobile Hong Kong.

The partnership between the two companies is aimed at introducing a wide range of services to clients subscribed to the EMM cloud service. The launch of the BES12 service will bolster easy management on a wide variety of devices including Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry 10 smartphones or tablets. The beauty of the BES12 is that it is more flexible because it is available on multiple devices.

Most businesses identify the need for enterprise data security and that is the reason most businesses are shifting to cloud services to solve their security issues. Additionally, BES12 and EMM services are designed to be cost friendly.

Blackberry’s infrastructure is ideal for BES12 to accommodate various deployment models such as COBO, COPE and BYOD. Dr. Max Ma, the VP and director of China Mobile Hong Kong stated that his company is committed to providing the best technology and services to fit the client’s requirement. He also added that hosing the BES12 Cloud is a great opportunity for his company to strengthen its relationship with Blackberry. It will also be an ideal platform for the company to provide the best experience to its Enterprise customers regardless of the complex mobility environment.

Blackberry’s managing director for North Asia, Gallant Leon the number one priority of the company is to tackle the demanding mobility needs of its customers. He also added that Blackberry was happy and optimistic about introducing its BES12 Cloud through CMHK. Mr. Leon also said that the cloud is designed to streamline the working environment for IT professionals while at the same time offering flexibility and convenience to the subscribers.

Blackberry is also confident that the services will be ideal to its client in terms of fulfilling the main objectives which are to provide more flexibility, security and reliable technical support globally.