BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) To Launch New Slider Android Smartphone ‘PRIV’

BlackBerry PRIV

Last week, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) CEO John Chen unveiled a new slider Android Smartphone, titled as ‘PRIV.’ What’s unique about the new Android Smartphone is that the company is collaborating with Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOGL) to unveil the best of BlackBerry productivity and security to the Android ecosystem.

Why Android?

The market may be eager to know why it was important that BlackBerry opted for Android platform in its new device. Answering to the question, the CEO said that introducing a BlackBerry Android Smartphone is a remarkable new market opportunity as the company shifts its focus on creating a cross-platform strategy.

He termed it as a ‘terrific proposition’ for loyal Android customers who are looking for powerful privacy and greater productivity features. BlackBerry advanced its own platform and redefined the outlook of mobility in current era of cybercrime and risk. It is an attempt to serve customers better.

The market response

Blackberry reported that since the preview of the new model, PRIV, they have received overwhelming response by market participants. It is one of the unique and eye-catching Smartphone launched by company in some time. Expressing his views on the new device, Research analyst Chris Hazelton stated that BlackBerry possesses the best technology to excel on Android platform.

The new device has everything, an Android platform, a physical QWERTY keyboard, software enhancements and oversized screen. It is a combination of looks, privacy, security, innovation and productivity, and that is why PRIV is generating huge interest among customers. Moreover, being powered by Android, the device will boast the largest collection in apps and a secure experience to the audience.

The objective

The CEO Chen said that with BlackBerry PRIV, their goal remains to continue to instill confidence that user’s productivity and privacy comes first. In modern era where cyber threats exists for everyone, the company is making sure that the products carry this mantra that ‘customer privacy is company’s privilege.’