BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)’s Classic To Be Available on T-Mobile May 15


BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s BlackBerry Classic lovers can now get their favorite handset from T-Mobile, according to announcements made on Thursday. In a major move since 2013, when the two companies separated ways, BlackBerry Classic sets would be available on T-Mobile from May 15. The best part is the offer that entitles one to own this handset with an $18 month charge for 24 months that makes its pricing to come at $439.92.

According to company spokespersons of T-Mobile and BlackBerry, the collaboration is owing to the customer demand and both the companies are excited to work together again.

Great Move

Verizon and AT&T already sell the BlackBerry Classic and T-Mobile is only doing so to penetrate in the business world. In April, T-Mobile launched the Uncarrier 9.0 initiative to offer same pricing deals to the businesses and offered stiff competition to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. These companies already offer their users better choices and offered flexibility in plans.

This competitive environment did not work too well for the business users. So learning from their mistakes, T-Mobile is going to offer the BlackBerry phone to offer more choices to the businesses.

Market Share

T-Mobile’s president and CEO, John Legere, said that the users looking to use the fastest 4G LTE network on their BlackBerry Classic can now do so easily. Uncarrier 9.0 is all set to bring a revolution in the business world. This move is also aimed at increasing the market share of Blackberry that is only 1% of the total mobile phone market.

To get back its loyal business customers, Blackberry has been introducing a range of business phones. Even the Classic, the QWARTY keyboard and BlackBerry 10 operating system in this bid and the company is optimistic of better results with T-Mobile.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, said that BlackBerry was proud to partner with T-Mobile and would be happy to provide secure and reliable mobile products and services to the customers. He said that the BlackBerry Classic had been updated with the latest technology with the best touchscreen and navigation that its customers ever experienced. The company is currently working on revamping its presence in the global economy and this collaboration will definitely not hurt.