Blood Lad Season 2 2017 Release Date

Yep, this is the place you want to be right now because if you are a Blood Lad fan and if you want to know the latest info regarding the season 2 this is where we will deliver it.

Something about the show

Blood Lad is the anime adaptation of the sci-fi horror Japanese manga that has the same name. This one was written by Yuuki Kodama, and it was published from 2009 until 2016, with the series had a total of 17 volumes. The animated series of the manga had a total of 10 episodes and was written by Takeshi Konuta and directed by Shigeyuki Miya. The TV series aired between July 2013 and September 2013 in Japan on tvk and later on BS11, Sun TV, and Tokyo MX. After the production by Brain’s Base it received an English version, thanks to Viz Media it aired in North America, Hanabee Entertainment released it in Australia and New Zealand, and Anime Limited in the United Kingdom.

As the fans know, the story revolves around an unreal world where demons rule. There is a character named Staz Charlie Blood who is a Vampire, but he is unlike any other vampire before him. He doesn’t actually drink human blood, and he lives a life of a normal “Otaku” (term used by Japanese for someone that is obsessed with Anime, Manga, and hi-tech gadgets).

Staz is also a boss of one of demon gangs that roam this world, but the whole story gets a little more interesting when a girl named Fuyumi Yanagi (a human) enters this unreal world through a portal. From there the story gets a lot more complicated but interesting as well because our two main characters have a lot to go through in order to be together.

But enough about the show, let’s get some facts out there for you. As we promised here are some info regarding the season 2, but we do not think you will like it much. As of now, although many fans out there would love to see the next season, unfortunately, none of the show’s executives have announced any official news regarding its future. We all hope it will happen, but the fact that it got IMDB rating of 7.3 with just 744 votes means that this anime has failed to draw in an appreciable amount of audience. But nothing is for sure, at least until the officials call it, so stay tuned for latest info right here!