BMW 5 Series unveiling on October 13th!

Everybody’s favorite German automaker has decided to make us happy by releasing a lot of videos about the seventh gen BMW 5 Series. In addition, we have received the most important piece of the puzzle, they gave us info that we will be able to see it live on October 13th, which is for many car enthusiasts, especially BMW, better than Christmas morning.

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As we already mentioned they released some videos our way, together with the unveil date, showing what can the 5 Series BMW do and what can be expected from it. In the video, u can see a whole bunch of tech options that will be available in the mid-size luxury sedan as well as a wagon model that will be available in certain markets. These tech options revolve around semi-autonomous driving aids that include lane departure warning, the capability of the car to control itself in the slow moving traffic as well as an option to sense the possible dangers and provide you braking support. In the video, you can see that one of the options will be something like a remote view option that will be available via the smartphone app, and it is tasked to provide the owner a surrounding view around the car. Future we are arriving slowly but surely!

Unfortunately, you will have to wait some time after the official unveil until it hits the showroom floor, specifically until the spring of 2017. The platform that will support the 7th gen 5 Series will be a shorter version of the carbon fiber-infused platform that saw the light of day under the 2016 7-Series. If you take a closer look at the videos, you will probably see something else that is going to be transferred from the 7 Series flagship, and that is its styling.

In the engine department, nothing has changed significantly. You can still expect four, six and eight-cylinder units with direct fuel injection and turbocharging technology. The Bavarians have also planned a hybrid version of the 5 Series as well as the new gen M5 and 5 Series Gran Turismo. Can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us there, but knowing BMW, it surely isn’t going to disappoint!

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