BMW M4 GT4 first official photos!


Since the end of this year is slowly but surely creeping up on us, the German automaker BMW decided to celebrate their successes from recent months accordingly with a look into the future. The celebration took place in Munich, and the star was the BMW M4 GT4 wearing a prototype camouflage, as the reports suggest this one is supposed to have its race debut in the 2018 season.

The preparation

As it usually goes with the similar prototypes, in the coming years this one will also endure numerous test drives and will be tuned by the experienced developers of the BMW Motorsport department for maximum performance with optimum driveability, as it is meant to be. For these tests to be closest to real world situations, it is needed to do it under realistic and tough conditions which only 24-hour races offer. The first one of that sort is the 24-hour race in Dubai that will be held in January, and because this vehicle is still early in development, it will sadly miss it.


The look of BMW M4 GT4

As for the exterior look of the car, everyone that is following the Motorsport world will surely find some similarities with the road sportsman GTS. Those similarities are reflected with the carbon bonnet that brings additional air outlets and the front splitters with the adjustable tailgate of the M4 GT4 are also visually similar to the M4 GTS, but on the other hand are technically free of the limitations that a road vehicle possesses. Since this is a race car, it is only logical to have as less weight and as much balance as possible. The BMW managed to do so by making the doors, hood, and roof out of carbon fiber on this coupe.


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt gave a statement regarding this announcement saying “Our international customers have celebrated many triumphs in the first year with the BMW M6 GT3. We hope this will continue in 2017. The comprehensive test program with the BMW M4 GT4 will go on in parallel. We will also see the car in action in a couple of races. Our privateer teams will then compete with the newest model from our product range in 2018. I am particularly pleased that the BMW M235i Racing remains so popular. The widespread use of this race car and the positive feedback from our customers show that this model has been a hit since its introduction in 2014.”

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