BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Revealed

BMW Motorrad is celebrating one hundred years since the inception and they present series of concepts, among which is the Vision Next 100.

The first motorcycle the company has ever produced is the R32 and it served as an inspiration to the new concept. The frame, which is used for the new motorcycle, supposedly, provides as much protection from wind and rain as a regular fairing.

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Unlike the R32, an electric motor has been installed in the Vision Next 100. However, the power, torque, and performance figures are still unknown, and we wait for the company to officially announce it.

The frame of the motorcycle is a joint-free “flexframe”, so once you turn the handlebar the frame adjusts itself. According to the company, the concept has a self-balancing system, which prevents the bike from flipping. That is the reason why the driver is in no need of a helmet. Furthermore, the vehicle will even stay upright when it is stationed.

As it is stated, a self-balancing system ensures “a particularly agile and dynamic riding experience seasoned riders will appreciate”. Moreover, the body suit you get “offers no safety features because the bike’s intelligent assistance systems make them superfluous”.

Comfort and not safety is the prior goal of the suit. The suit also has heat and cooling system and at high speeds, the area around the neck inflates for a better support of your neck and head.

In addition, the suit also comes with the vibrating elements located into the leg and arm parts of the suit. Their purpose is to warn the driver if the banking angle needs to be corrected and to give instructions dealing with navigation.

The driver also receives a pair of data glasses, through which all the information such as banking angles, ideal cornering lines and more are presented. They are also used for wind protection, of course.

If you look down you will start a menu, but if you look up you will enable the rear-vision camera. Eye movement is exactly how various functions are turned on.