BMW X7 full size SUV almost ready to say Hi! to everyone!

BMW’s ace in the sleeve, the all-new X7 SUV, is going to aim at the competition such as Mercedes-Benz GLS, Range Rover as well as Bentley’s Bentayga, and it is going to do so as X5’s bigger brother. Well, that is its unofficial title so far, but what is official is that it will have a big burden on it as well as a responsibility because the German automaker can not allow the X7 to be unimpressive or underachieving in any way.

Thanks to the spy shots we found, we can show you that the X7 is a pretty big and very imposing SUV. When you look at it from the front, the all famous big double-kidney shaped grille are what you see first, and the talk is that they might adopt the new “upside down” look first seen on the X2 concept. Under the grille, according to some sources, the new X7 will have differently styled front bumper than the one used on the X5, which is normal, because anyone who decides to own a new X7 will want a unique car, not just slightly taller and bigger copy of the X5. Since we are talking about dimensions, take a look at the rear door of the new model. It looks huge, doesn’t it? Especially when you compare it to those on the GLS, but we will leave that for when we can see more clearly or when we receive some official figures regarding dimensions.

What carries the new BMW X7 is a stretched version of company’s CLAR platform, which is already used on the new 7 and 5 Series and will also underpin the new X5 and all-new 3 Series. Technically looking this platform will carry anything from the 3-Series and up. When driving force is considered the CLAR platform will allow anything from both gasoline and diesel units with six and eight cylinders, and even a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid version. There are also talks that BMW is planning to add an M model which will directly aim at the Mercedes AMG GLS 63.

BMW X7 Interior

Inside of the cabin the BMW X7, suffice to say, host an enormous amount of the latest tech bits and pieces found in the current 7 Series and 5 Series models, which again translates to plenty of semi-autonomous tech paired with excellent connectivity services. One more report from a few months back announced that the new X7 might come in a few cabin configurations such as four seats, 5-seats, and 7-seats which are going to add to the luxury that is delivered by this SUV.

BMW X7 Release Date

As for the production start, thanks to some sources, we know that this will most likely start sometime 2018 in company’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina and it is expected that the X7 will hit the dealerships as a 2019 model year.