BMW X7 with an M badge?

The latest upcoming vehicle from German automaker BMW, the X7, that is due sometime in 2019 is now the target of online talks regarding its high performance badging, which is, in this case, the X7 M variant.

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BMW is, according to BMW Blog, actively searching business justification for the X7 M and whether there is any sense in producing such a vehicle. What is making them think is probably the SUV market that is becoming increasingly competitive all around. Looking at the market situation that isn’t something that the BMW should fear because the M badge on their vehicle doesn’t necessary mean increase in power only, it also means additional luxury inside and out.

The BMW’s M division justified itself through the previous SUV models that wore the M badge (such as X5 M and X6 M) and showed that it can easily outmaneuver any automaker in that department. The main competitors that the X7 M will have to face aren’t to be taken lightly. The names such as Bentley Bentayga and Mercedes AMG GLS 63 carry a certain awe, but they are nothing new that the BMW hasn’t conquered yet!

Some of the reports say that the X7 is going to be more luxurious than the ongoing 7 Series and will be coming in the form of a seven seater as standard. But what is more interesting is that the German company is thinking about offering a four seater version for that highest level of comfort, and personal space money can buy. If we consider the dimensions and weight of BMW SUV’s as well as this one than the powertrain options for it will probably be chosen from the range of powerful six and eight cylinder engines that will be refined with turbochargers. This also includes the revised twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 that churns out more than 600 HP that is being prepared for the M5 and the possibility that the BMW might offer a V12 engine for the ultimate trim of this ultra-luxurious SUV.

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