Bo Dallas Joining Bray Wyatt?

Bo Dallas was once the NXT champion and somebody that Triple H, along with the people that are working with him, was really high on when he was in the developmental. The gimmick that he was using was good for the NXT but not great for the main roster. That BOlieve thing that this guy was doing has got annoying pretty quickly so he never really took off on Monday Night Raw. We are not seeing much of Bo Dallas nowadays on Monday Night Raw, but he does appear from time to time.

We have seen him this past Monday night fighting Finn Balor in a singles match. To be quite honest with you, he looked great. It seems that his new look is something that is working for him, he has dropped that gimmick that he was known for. Now, he has added some edge to the character, he looks like a true threat and somebody that the company should use more often. Something that we have also noticed is the beard that he is growing.

In real life, his brother is Bray Wyatt. It’s no wonder how Bo can grow that beard that we saw him with on Monday as Bray is able to do the same. Since Bo really doesn’t have anything going for him right now, it would be good to see him paired up with his real life brother.

Bo Dallas is a good wrestler and somebody that WWE should implement more on the red brand. Bray Wyatt really has no direction right now as he is going to feud with Rollins just because the company doesn’t have anything else for these two right now. But, if they pair him up with Bo Dallas and re-form the Wyatts, they can be one of the best things on Monday Night Raw each and every week. There is no doubt that the fans would be interested to see what these two have to offer.