Bobby Roode Becomes New United States Champion!

Dolph Ziggler has won the United States championship in the final Smackdown Live pay per view of the year. That was a bit surprising as everybody picked Roode to win the belt. Even Corbin was in front of Ziggler in terms of chances to take the title. But, far more surprising was him leaving the title in the middle of the ring during SD live and him maybe even moving away from the company.

That might be a good storyline that WWE revisits. As of right now, we have a new United States championship that the company crowned last night during SD Live.

The eight-man tournament began this month, and it was constructed in order to determine who is going to become the new champion. The knock on WWE here was that they made the tournament predictable. Many fans have called for them to make these kinds of tournaments, but to make it more interesting.

In the end, we knew that Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal were going to be in the final. Usually, the heel wins here and the babyface chases the title and gets it eventually. But, since Bobby Roode is the biggest star here and they want to push him going forward, it seems that they had no choice but to pick him to win the clash here.

Now what WWE can do is to have Dolph Ziggler come back and say that he never really told anybody that he is dropping the title. That might cause another feud between Roode and Ziggler, maybe even at Mania where Ziggler’s WWE career is on the line.

If we were to book Bobby Roode for Mania season, we would have Ziggler come back in late February and challenge Roode for the US Title at Wrestlemania.