Brand new trailer of the Fate Of The Furious (F&F 8) just got released and it is awesome!!!

As every die-hard and hardcore fan of the Fast and Furious franchise know, the Universal Studios promised a new and exciting trailer of Fate Of The Furious this week, and boy did they deliver. On Thursday in the early morning, the latest trailer for the franchise’s eighth film was released, and it is awesome!

From previous teasers, you could see that the sequel of the F&F series will be the most action packed so far, and this new and extended trailer actually confirmed that. Universal Studios released an almost three minutes footage that enhances all the other teasers showing our new villain Charlize Theron controlling thousands of cars all at once, Jason Statham joining the team and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson diverting a full-size torpedo with nothing but his bare hands. Yes you read it right, we actually had to see that twice for ourselves (and a few more times because it was awesome!).

As you saw it so far, the main theme of the F&F franchise is the family which is going to be heavily tested by Dominic Toretto going rogue. Why is that happening is yet unclear, but apparently he has turned back on his family and turned toward what is probably the most dangerous villain this movie series has seen so far. From the teasers that were released sometime before, we could not put the pieces together, but this extended trailer helps a little. It shows us that Theron and Diesel met before and that their weird cooperation goes from way back, and is tied by God knows what.

We believe that there is an excellent story behind this, especially since the F. Gary Gray (directed the more than awesome Straight Outta Compton) is at the helm this film. What ensures us, even more, is the combination of Gray with some of the returning producers such as Neal H. Moritz, Michael Fottrell, and Diesel. All of this combined with a cast like this and it is a sure thing that it will be the best movie so far!