Here Is Why Braun Strowman Missed Monday Night Raw


After the kind of performance that Braun Strowman had in the main event of Summerslam on a Sunday, there was no other choice for the WWE but to strike while the iron was hot and to put him in a program with Brock Lesnar. He was showcased as the monster that he should be as he destroyed Lesnar during the fight. All those spots with him and the Beast Incarnate were what made the match so great and him so powerful.

Now, he is going to be challenging Brock for his WWE Universal Championship at the No Mercy pay per view, which is going to be the first red branded event since Summerslam. The decision to put him in that match was a good one as the two had a lot of interactions with each other. At the Raw, after the biggest party of the summer, Strowman showed up in the ring when Lesnar was there with Heyman, bragging about their big win the night before that.

Strowman didn’t waste any time and laid him out on the spot. They are such a two dominant figures that they have to face off every time that they are in the ring. Things don’t end up all fine and dandy when two monsters like that are in the ring. That is one of the reasons why Braun missed Monday Night Raw.

“Strowman wasn’t on Raw this week as a creative decision for Lesnar vs. Strowman program,” explained Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio. “The feeling was to keep the two of them apart after the physical angle last week. Strowman was taken off this show with the idea you can’t have them both on the show at this point without interacting.”