Braun Strowman Is The Most Successful Thing On Raw Since The Brand Split

Even though Smackdown didn’t really get a lot of stars on the Draft night this past July, they are producing better shows and are able to develop some of their mid-card superstars and make them upper-mid-card talents on the verge of the main event. Monday Night Raw has failed to do that as they have been focusing way too much on Roman Reigns, and part-timers as well.

They have been successful only in making a legit star out of Braun Strowman. This man has been booked to perfection in the past couple of months. No comedy for him, no bad and cheesy segments. He ran through everybody on the Monday Night Raw roster and looked like a legit threat to everybody while doing that.

His work on the mic has been short and on point. That is how it should be for the big guy. Nobody really thought that this man could actually wrestle, but he is showing some decent skills and athletic ability in the ring. He can be a big and dominant heel on the Raw brand if WWE wants to make him one.

The question is what will the company do with him and Roman Reigns. The general hope is that he is not fed to Roman at Fastline. Everybody is hoping that this is not the only thing that Strowman was built up for. It seems that they are taking this guy seriously and it would surprise everyone if they just feed him to The Big Dog of the red brand. His wins over Big Show and Mark Henry tell you that he is the next giant in the land of WWE.