Is Bray Wyatt The Next Undertaker?

The best creation in the history of the WWE was The Undertaker. When he made his debut 27 years ago, it was a sight to see. Many fans don’t even know just how good The Undertaker was in the ring when he was at his best. His career was so long that many of the fans today weren’t even born when he entered the WWE as The Phenom back in 1990 during the Survivor Series pay per view.

Things that made his character as great as it was for all these years are also things that made him unique. That gimmick, his entrance, his mannerisms in the ring and outside the ring were just unique. When you add a touch of supernatural on all of that, you get The Undertaker, one of the greatest of all time, not only in the WWE but in the wrestling world in general.


Now, we could notice that Bray Wyatt is the guy that many people compare to The Undertaker. Even though you can never replace something that is original like the character of The Phenom, but you can take that and package it into something else. Similar, yet different. That’s probably the accurate description of Bray Wyatt. They have similar supernatural characters, but the fact of the matter is that Bray Wyatt’s persona is a bit deeper than The Undertaker. Here is what Bray himself said about the parallel that has been drawn between him and The Dead Man.

“For me to be compared to The Undertaker is unbelievable. I’ve been in there with him. I did a WrestleMania against him two years ago. And I did another one against him and Kane. I don’t think if you put side-by-side and watched our work, they’re not similar. They aren’t. It’s the dark stuff that kind of brings us together that people want to branch us, but the thing is that we are completely different.”