Breaking: North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile

It has been reported by the South Korean news agency that North Korea tested another missile on Tuesday, according to CNBC.

Latest test has been detected only a few hours after it was reported that radio signals activity has increased. This indicated that the rogue state could conduct another provocative launch.

The missile test was originally reported by Yonhap News Agency that cited the South Korean military representative.

According to the source, the missile was fired early Wednesday, and this time South Pyongan Province was the area from which launch was commenced. As soon as the rocket was detected, it was tracked, and its route was analyzed by both South Korea and United States military officials. Everything will be further studied later on as it was announced by Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Prior to this test, it was reported by Japanese officials that it is possible that Pyongyang regime is preparing another missile for launch.

Via Reuters:

Radio signals were detected and the increase in the activity there was an indication that there might be another test. Increased radio chatter is nothing unusual, but it is interesting that satellite images weren’t showing any reason for concern. This was stated by the source from the Japanese government on Tuesday.

It was important to note that during the previous few months we could see two or even three tests a month but the period after September was fairly quiet as they paused further launches. The last one was quite dangerous as they decided to fire a rocket and send it over Hokkaido island, Japan’s territory.

“This is not enough to determine (if a launch is likely soon),” the source told Reuters.

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"We will take care of it." President Donald J. Trump comments on the missile North Korea fired toward the east

Posted by CNN on Tuesday, November 28, 2017