Brent Cherne, Operational CFO Shares How to Stay Motivated in Accounting and Finance Jobs

The world of finance and accounting is a tough field to break into- with many years of schooling and hours upon hours of studying for rigorous exams that need to be passed- and yet, the job is one that many people seek out and thrive in. It can provide a good quality of life and relative stability in an economy that is unpredictable. Money and it’s motivating factors are essential criteria for most accountants and financial advisors in their respective careers, but stable salaries are not always the best way to remain interested in a job.  So, what are the motivating ingredients behind continued professional contentment and success?

As someone who has been in the financial sphere for decades, Brent Cherne, CPA, and Operational CFO shares, “You’ll find that working as part of a team is commonplace within the accounting and finance sector, alongside having a positive approach towards problem-solving. These two factors will add to the sense of achievement you’ll feel in this kind of work as you will receive recognition for your efforts from colleagues and superiors.”

Achieving goals in the workplace, especially within a team setting, boosts morale and the desire to continue making strides in your career.  According to the US Bureau of Labor, openings within the sphere of financial management are set to grow by nineteen percent in the next ten years, and it is commonplace for financial managers to start their roles in entry-level positions. Promotions within companies are seldom gained on anything but the tenacity, enthusiasm, and dedication that is shown to your work and prove to be great motivational tools as well.

Some other critical motivational factors in the workplace, as identified in a survey conducted by Kaisen Consulting Ltd., include:

  • Achievement
  • Helping others
  • Recognition
  • Good working atmosphere
  • Varied and interesting work
  • Empowerment

Achievement and recognition urge the ego into action and are fundamental in igniting motivation. A good working atmosphere, varied and interesting work, solving problems and feeling empowered are, on the other hand, essential for maintaining good physical and mental health.  Nowadays, most companies try to make sure that their employees are not overworked and that their working conditions are optimal.  Better working conditions provide stimulus for better operational results and ultimately, higher morale for all.

Working in the area of accounting and finance can be a tough sector to remain motivated in with its high-performance demand, but it is possible to stay propelled and positive within this career. The important things to remember are your individual goals while concurrently building cohesive relationships with your colleagues and teammates. Accounting and financial management give businesses a quantifiable means of measurement and the passion people have who choose this career field often stays and grows; that very same zeal leads their motivation to grow and spreads to those around them.

About Brent Cherne:


Brent Cherne is a healthcare financial executive with an extensive background in multiple areas of healthcare from managing regional medical centers to developing critical access hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. In his free time Mr. Cherne also enjoys using his skills while serving on the board or as treasurer of various community organizations.

With 36 years of experience, Mr. Cherne has assisted healthcare facilities in many states across the United States including Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, and Tennessee.

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