We bring you the worst 15 injuries in the NFL history!


15Worst Injuries in NFL History


Back in the day, NFL was a lot more mellow, and it was based on the skill. Nowadays it’s based on the force you can unleash on your opponent, and if you could break a bone, well, that is just fine. What is even more ironic is that we actually like that mindless player pounding and it definitely amuse us more and more. Thanks to that, the NFL has a growth spurt in popularity which comes with a bad side as well – the vast number of player injuries.

Thanks to the lack of judgment and brain usage players very often suffer career-ending or life-threatening injuries on the field. It seems that it has come to the good old kill or be killed, which means that any player who stays alive after that and lives to lead the rest of his life in good health is a very lucky guy. This post today will show you the dark side of the NFL, and it is presented through 15 of the worst injuries in the League’s history. Here we go: