Brock Lesnar vs. The Miz Match Being Advertised


Brock Lesnar is, as you probably already know, on a part-time deal which means that he is not traveling with the Monday Night Raw brand all the time. Usually, he works just a couple of matches a year, and that is why he is rarely defending his title. We expect that the next time he puts his championship on the line, it is going to be at Wrestlemania.

Even though he is a part-timer, he works more often during Wrestlemania season. That is why we expect to see him more often in the next couple of months. After the Elimination Chamber pay per view, we should see a whole lot more of him as he is going to have a feud on his hands, someone that he is going to face at Mania for his Universal Championship.

One of the dates that he is going to work is March 9th, and we already know who is he going to face on that day. It is going to be Lesnar vs. The Miz in a champion vs. champion battle. The titles won’t be on the line though, just like they weren’t when Lesnar faced Styles at Survivor Series.


The Target Center in Minneapolis is advertising this match for March 9th, so that is how we know that these two are going to face-off.

This is a live event that we are talking about, but there is a chance that WWE even books this match for Monday Night Raw in order to boost how Lesnar is looking going into Mania.

Speaking of the grandest stage of them all, there is a good chance that Roman Reigns is going to be the one to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.