Brooklyn Nets – Season Preview And Predictions

Luckily for the Nets, this season they will have a first round pick. But still, it won’t be theirs unless the Celtics finish below them in the rankings. And that is almost impossible. They are still haunted by that trade in which they sent two unprotected first rounders to the Celtics and the rights to swap the picks in next years draft for aging Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry.

The team from Brooklyn was abysmal last season, and they didn’t even get that high lottery pick. It went to the Boston Celtics. This year the Celtics will swap their pick with Nets’ and it looks like another Top 5 pick for the Celtics.

Nets really couldn’t do much in the offseason to improve their squad. Jeremy Lin is now back in New York, but this time with the Nets. Besides him, they added Luis Scola, who was decent for the Raptors last season but isn’t that difference maker that team needs to be more successful. The list has been widened with Anthony Bennett, but nothing changed dramatically.

Brook Lopez is their best player. He didn’t miss many games last season, and that was a surprise. And they still lost a bunch of duels. It’s hard to believe that he will stay healthy throughout the whole year. However you look, it spells doom for the Nets.

Bojan Bogdanović is their starting shooting guard, while Rondae Hollis-Jefferson will most likely be at the small forward position. Decent NBA players, but not starters on a serious Playoff contender. At least as of right now.

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Last season Nets won only 21 games. And we can’t bet right now that they will be able to match that. Without Thaddeus Young on the squad and Jarrett Jack, this team on paper looks even weaker than what Brooklyn had to offer last year. We are going to predict that they’ll win 20 games, finish with the record of 20-62 and be the worst team in the Eastern Conference. Rejoice Celtics fans. You are getting another high lottery pick, maybe even the first overall. On the other hand, we feel for you Nets fans.