5 Brownie Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


For a deliciously decadent indulgent, there isn’t anything out there better than a brownie. But you’ve probably noticed that everyone’s brownies taste different. When you find a kind you fall in love with, it’s hard to track that same recipe down somewhere else.

You’re not being picky. There really are thousands of unique recipes for baking brownies. The type you get depends on the baker and their preference for cooking ingredients.

It also depends on how healthy or unhealthy you want the brownie that you’re eating to be.

That’s okay, though. Brownies are simple to make and only take a few basic ingredients. You can tweak your own recipe based on your favorite flavor, texture, and health level, then make your own any time you get a craving.

These five completely different brownie recipes have one thing in common: They are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Oreo Brownies


Would you rather have Oreos or brownies to complete your dessert craving? Who can resist the twistable goodness of an Oreo cookie, but brownies are so chewy and soft.

Now, with this recipe from Sprinkle Some Sugar, you don’t have to pick just one. What’s better than a combination of Oreos and brownies?

The trick to the added sweetness is in the recipe’s name, “Triple Dark Chocolate Truffle Brownies.” With three different types of chocolate in the finished product, it’s a paradise for dessert lovers with every bite.

The brownie layer is made out of fudgy dark chocolate. Then, the next layer is an Oreo truffle magic masterpiece, topped off with a layer of milk chocolate. Add some nuts if you want, or leave them out. Bake, and enjoy!

Brownies are known as one of the most famous desserts when your aim is rich and succulent junk food. But if you’re looking for a healthier version with the same delectable taste, we have you covered, there, too.

The next four recipes are sure to have ingredients to match any dietary restrictions you need.

2. Black Bean Brownies


You’re probably already cringing from reading the name, but wait!

It is possible to turn the high-calorie, high-fat, totally unhealthy but yummy traditional brownie into something good for you. With this recipe, the secret ingredient is a can of black beans to make the brownies nice and moist.

You’ll still use a lot of the ingredients that make brownies a sweet treat, but less of the unhealthy stuff is needed. Swapping out sugar and flour for healthier alternatives makes this recipe a crowd favorite that you can feel good about serving.

You might not want to tell everyone the secret ingredient of black beans until after they’ve fallen in love with the results, though. When they’re begging for your recipe, you can smugly show them the can of beans you used.

3. Cannabis-Infused Brownies


CBD products, with and without THC, are everywhere today. They come in all sorts of products, so you can enjoy the benefits through oils, tinctures, edibles, and more.

With this brownie recipe by Veriheal, the cannabis infusion comes from the use of cannabutter. It’s a healthier alternative to regular butter and margarine. You can make your own or order some online.

Cannabutter replaces vegetable oil and other unhealthy ingredients. Since the cannabutter is made with lecithin, a type of healthy fat, you still have a rich flavor without the dangerous side effects of other oils.

You can control how much CBD ends up in your cannabis brownies by adjusting the levels of cannabutter in the recipe.

4. Low-Sugar Prune Puree Brownies


We all know that prunes are good for us, but not too many people actually eat the fruit unless it’s in something else.

Prunes have a ton of health benefits. They aid in digestion and are high in fiber. They’re full of things your body needs, like potassium, vitamins, and iron. And they can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


They’re prunes.

This fruit isn’t usually rated high on the popularity of the “favorite fruits” list. So how do you get the numerous benefits for your body if you don’t like eating prunes raw?

The answer is to use baby food prune puree (yes, baby food) in this healthy, gluten-free brownie recipe from Oatmeal With a Fork. But the final results are brownies so delicious, you don’t realize you’re eating prunes (or baby food).

The baby food prune puree keeps the rest of the ingredients moist and fudgy. It substantially reduces how much fat is in the brownies, too. Between the taste and the health factor, this may just become your go-to brownie baking recipe!

5. Vegan Brownies


Living a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up the sweets you once loved. You can reap the health benefits of your diet of choice and still enjoy brownies.

This fudgie, buzzy brownie recipe uses OWYN vegan products to mix the sweetness of chocolate with a coffee rush.

The recipe swaps out the non-vegan ingredients of a traditional brownie and replaces them with their vegan alternative. The extra-rich flavor comes from the Dark Chocolate OWYN and Cold Brew OWYN bottles.

Although the linked recipe calls for half a bottle of each product, you can adjust the levels. More Dark Chocolate will increase the sweetness level, while more Cold Brew cranks up the caffeine in each bite.

If you love coffee and you love brownies, this recipe is a no-brainer. It’s a quick and easy way to enjoy brownies, whether you’re vegan or not!


Everyone has their favorite brownie indulgence. Some people love the edges, while others swear by the gooey middle pieces. And then there’s the “cake versus fudgy” argument and the “icing or no icing” debate.

The arguments about the best brownies can go on for days, and the final answers still depend on each person’s taste buds.

No matter where you stand on any of those issues, you can find a brownie recipe just right for you. Try these totally different recipes until you make the one that satisfies your sweet tooth craving!