Budgeting Tips and Tricks for your first Bathroom Remodel


Living spaces can be varied. Smaller, bigger, new, old, modern, vintage, owned or rented… Wherever you live, you are aware that it is in the interest of you and your family to make the apartment or house as functional and comfortable as possible.

It is generally known that the kitchen and the bathroom are vital parts of every living space. No matter how much you try to design the living room and bedroom, the color of the walls and furniture, all this effort will prove to be marginal if the kitchen and bathroom are not working. Leaking faucets, inconspicuous toilets, rusty bathtubs, clogged drains, wake up in the corners important rooms. It happens that the need to renovate the bathroom coincides with the period in life, when our budget is thin and we cannot afford a complete makeover. However, not all is lost. McKenna and Vane, a property management company in Frederick, says there is always a way to make the bathroom functional and comfortable with less money and investment.

1. Budget


First and foremost, you need to look at the budget and face the fact of how much money is available to you for this investment. Make a rough estimate and compare it with your financial capabilities. When the work starts, stick to your plan and don’t overdo it financially. You will easily invest in some part of the work, sanitary elements or decorative details, if there is any money left.

2. Pipes and installations


Replacing complete supply and drainage pipes, during the renovation of the bathroom, is a huge and expensive job. This is one of the vital and functional aspects of this type of work, but you do not have to stare at radical solutions. Maybe you don’t need it. This job is for a professional plumber. You yourself can neither assess the situation, nor do such a complex demanding thing. Set aside money for an expert inspection to determine the status quo. If intervention and replacement of a pipe is needed, do only that part, it is not necessary to replace everything.

3. Toilet and sink


Here, too, the recommendation applies, as for the previous paragraph. Maybe the toilets are completely correct and in good condition. It is important that nothing is cracked or damaged. There is plastic coating of the tub, as well as special paints for toilets. They can always be cleaned of limescale, change a sink faucet, gasket or toilet seat. You have a choice of colors, materials, soft seats that heat, made of hard plastic decorated with 3D motifs, classic but unusual colors and designs. You will be pleasantly surprised how much it will change and refresh the look of your bathroom, and functionality will not be neglected.

4. Walls


If your walls are inconspicuous, they have stains from moisture, be in the corners, damaged tiles or peeling paint. The situation is by no means hopeless. Whenever you can, go it alone. Invite friends, relatives, neighbors, surely there is someone among them who is a painter, designer or just has experience in these works. You can replace a few cracked tiles, not all have to be replaced. Insert a new style approach, color, motif and so solve the problem in an original way. If you are moving, inquire in specialized shops of paints and paints, let them instruct you in the types of waterproof paints for the walls in the bathrooms. They usually contain an anti-mold agent. Let the fat run free, make a concept and start decorating the walls and creating your own, original space.

5. Furniture


In the bathroom, we need to store things somewhere, to have a place for soaps, detergents, make-up, medicines, towels … Bathroom furniture (cabinetry) is expensive and quite a bit off our budget. To begin with, think about what exactly you need and what are the places where you would store the necessary inventory related to the bathroom. Instead of built-in wall cabinets and those that stand on the floor, you can try a cheaper and more useful option. These are shelves. Different sizes, colors, shapes (there are countless ideas for shelf shapes on the Internet), with decorative curtains that you can get, you will save a lot of money and another opportunity to connect and have fun ideas. Maybe one of your acquaintances knows how to make and install shelves, so the costs are even lower. With a little investment, your bathroom can be an oasis of uniqueness of unprecedented design.

6. Floor


The floor, like the walls, must be subjected to a similar kind of analysis of the real situation. The most important thing is that the pipes that are usually under the floor are correct. If the tiles below are outdated, have lost their shine and color, or are polyvinyl tiles that have been there for a long time, so they look worn and neglected, there are solutions for such situations. The floor must be waterproof, so look for such materials the bathroom is a frequent room, and preferably as slippery as possible. In specialized stores you can consult with sellers and find the ideal material for remodeling your floor. If you have more money, tiles are the best choice and wooden floor is looking great too. You can see the difference between tiles and wooden floor at bad-und-dusche.com. If it is too expensive for you, you have laminates and vinyl floors that can also do the job and be very beautiful and decorative.

7. Trends

It depends on your taste and budget and general affinities whether you will follow the trends or make someone, just your conceptual solution. Whichever group you belong to, both are feasible. If you like a fancy, hypermodern look, it is not impossible to achieve it with cheaper materials. You will go to the shops a little more and get discounts and maybe some rests that are always cheaper. You can always apply the current colors and thus bring the look of the bathroom closer to your wishes. It is much easier for you if you do not follow the trends, but you are your own designer. Then you have the breadth in deciding and choosing both colors and materials.



Always keep in mind that the bathroom, as well as the kitchen is a specific and important room in your house or apartment. It means that it has special criteria according to which it must be conceived. First of all, installations and sanitary facilities must be correct, then clean and maintained according to all hygienic principles, well ventilated or aspirated. In the end comes the designed interior and its beauty. It is comfortable to have money and make a new, modern bathroom. However, sometimes less money, more personal commitment and effort, brings great, interesting results and gives great satisfaction to the owner. Many will be surprised when you show them the result of personal inventiveness and work, it’s not always all about money, sometimes the essence is in creativity, personal initiative and dedication.