Buffalo Bills Upset Patriots With Shutout Win


Well, who predicted this. Everybody knew that the Bills had a shot in this game as Rex is always competitive and highly motivated against New England. They were coming off a huge win over the Cardinals and now are looking good after this on road win against New England. They were able to exploit the fact that 3rd stringer Brissett was a starter in this game.

Brissett was getting hit all afternoon as Bills went all in on him and pressed him hard. Patriots offense just didn’t have the answer for what Rex had planned. Even though their defense didn’t break, they did bend a lot, and McCoy had a great day. 70 rushing yards and 38 receiving yards and a touchdown was his final stat line.


Great all around performance by the Bills, defense was extraordinary, the offense was flowing. They could have scored even more points, but Pats stepped up on a couple of occasions and held them to a field goal.

Tyrod Taylor made some nice plays as he broke a few tackles and delivered some big throws after that. He finished the game with 246 passing yards and 1 TD and completed 27 of his 39 passes.

This shutout win in Foxboro will give a huge boost to this Bills team as they remain in the chase for a Playoff spot. Not a big deal loss for the Patriots, they will for sure bounce back like they always do. They went 3-1 without their starting QB, and they should be happy about that. Tom Brady will be back next week and will lead New England back to the right direction.