Bull Season 2 Release Date & Interesting New Shows on CBS

Source: ronnotthedj.com

The CBS drama TV Show Bull was released in the autumn of 2016 and immediately attracted a large number of viewers. It comes as no surprise that it didn’t take long for the studio to renew it. Upon their announcement that Bull would return for the second season numerous other new shows debuted on this highly popular network. Namely, it was renewed alongside eighteen other series, which means that the huge confidence the network has must stem from the slate of great shows.

However, it was announced even before the news on its renewal that the second season will have a new showrunner. Glenn Gordon Caron has signed a two-year deal with CBS, and he is stepping in instead of Mark Goffman, according to THR. It seems that this is the first time Caron has joined a series mid-run. Namely, he previously worked on his own projects Medium and Moonlighting, and he was a consultant during the last few months of Season 1, so nothing will be changed much under his management. Nonetheless, the series won’t return until autumn, so we have a list of other series to keep you busy.

House Of Cards

It was supposed to premiere in February, but now it’ll fill the summer TV lull. You’ll get drawn into Frank Underwood’s latest scheme easily.

Somewhere Between

Paula Patton starring in this summer thriller might attract Bull fans if they are looking for a network drama.

Somewhere Between Star Paula Patton – Source: variety.com

The Good Fight

You can sign up for free and watch the whole season, which is a great successor to The Good Wife. Christine Baranski is a true pleasure to watch.


Unlike many legal procedurals which air in the fall, Suits will be released on July 12, so enjoy the summer with this amazing show.

The Wizard Of Lies

This HBO original movie takes a look into one of the most notorious scandals in the history of our country.

Game Of Thrones

One of the most popular TV shows ever, what more do we need to say? Although it is not similar to Bull, it will be interesting enough to keep you busy until Bull Season 2 premiere.