Is It Cheaper To Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

Congratulations! You are getting married to the love of your life! But how much do you need to spend to put that ring on your lover’s finger? Finding affordable engagement rings can be a daunting task. While you cannot put a price on the romance in your life, you can certainly stick to a budget for all your wedding preparations so that it doesn’t break your bank.

Marriage is a big milestone, and nobody wants to compromise with the quality of preparations. How about I told you that you could save money without having to sacrifice the quality? The best way to do this is by buying engagement rings online.

The traditional stores tend to charge higher overhead charges as compared to the online retailers. To expand their customer base, online stores tend to charge minimal costs, one that will not break your pocket. Not only are the prices lower, but you also get to save a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent on walking or driving to the store and dealing with salespersons who would try to cloud your decision and make you buy something that pays them a high commission.

The prices of the solitaires available online are at least twenty to thirty percent less than the store prices. Moreover, the bigger the rock, the more the difference between the prices. Now that you are aware that buying engagement rings online is an amazing option, let us look at a few tips that you need to keep in mind before buying an engagement ring online.

Choose A Trustworthy Vendor:

It is one of the most important points you need to keep in mind while buying your ring online. Make sure that the website looks genuine and check for a policy page, shipping process, guarantee certificate, return policy on the website. All these pages stand as proof that the website is genuine. Also, make sure to read the reviews provided by the previous customers.

Another bonus tip would be to search the name of the seller site directly on Google. Check whether any negative review pops up and if you do not find anything negative related to the site, consider it as a green signal and proceed buying from that site. If you are looking for a trustworthy seller to buy engagement rings online, make sure to check out ItsHot ot

Must Provide Verified Certificates:

A genuine provider will always provide diamond rings with a verified lab certificate which stands as proof that the quality of the rock is the same as what the jeweler claims it to be. However, not all certificates hold supreme value and check whether the rock is GIA or AGS certified as they are the most reliable grading systems.

Check The Return Policy

The return policy present on each website is different. Hence, make sure to read it before purchasing anything from the site. Also, check whether they offer free returns or you need to pay a small fee, and whether you can send back any customized jewelry.

Head over to the FAQs section and check whether the seller answers the following questions: Does the rock come with a lifetime guarantee? If not, then for how long? Can you pay via cash on delivery? If the ring does not fit you, can you send it back? Do you need to pay some charges to resize it? Make sure you get the answers to all these questions before you step forward with any site. If any seller site does not have a return policy, consider it as a warning sign.

Read The Shipping Policy

Say, you have planned to propose to your partner this weekend and have made all the needed arrangements for it. However, you find out that the ring will take a minimum of thirty days to reach you. How will it work then? Thus, always make sure to read the shipping policy before placing your orders. Choose a provider that ensures fast delivery of your products. Moreover, genuine sites tend to insure their products and cover the shipping costs.

Choose The Correct Size:

The size of your finger is one of the most important things that you must consider before buying an engagement ring. You would never want your chosen ring not to fit your partner properly. Make sure to check the ring size before buying a ring. To measure your size, use a millimeter tape and measure the diameter of your partner’s ring finger.

Alternatively, you can also buy a mandrel set to measure the finger’s size. Another way to do this is by measuring the size of any of your partner’s rings. If you don’t have a perfect ring for measuring against, you can use a string to measure the finger and then compare it with the printed size on the size guide.

Make Sure It Is Flawless:

Make sure to zoom into the image or the three dimensional videos provided by the seller to gauge the ring’s clarity. Check whether there are any blemishes or inclusion on the surface of the ring. You must know that if you see any flaws online, you will notice them in person as well.

Check The Color:

A perfect diamond is colorless. If you are not on a tight budget, make sure to buy a “D” rated diamond, where D stands for colorless. The degree of the rock’s color ranges in between D, that is, colorless to Z, that is, light yellow colored.

Generally, rocks present in the G to I range appear to be colorless and cheaper than rocks in the D to F range, which are actually colorless and cost much higher.

Final Word

Buying diamond rings online has numerous advantages. Not only do you get rings at a lower price, but you also get the advantage of doing a thorough research and making comparisons among various sites before finalizing an option. Make sure to get an expert opinion before you purchase anything online. Also, do not shy away from reaching out to customer service if you encounter any problem with your ring.