5 Things to Consider When Buying Dental Supplies


The modern world has done everything to make going to the dentist today as easy as possible, and no longer an adventure with an uncertain course and a painful ending.  Whether patients visit for regular checkups, cleansings, teeth whitening, implants, fillings, or surgery – everything that can be imagined, and that has to do with teeth, mouth and jaws has grown as service offerings. The dental offices also commonly have become elegant rooms, with pastel-colored walls, chairs of unusual colors and shapes, with paintings on the walls, mini fountains, soothing music and refreshments. And with the need to fulfill the demand for so many various dental procedures, Dentists in turn need to have a large variety of dental supplies & equipment available at their office to cater to each customer’s demand.

Dentists are faced with a wide range of supply offers whether they’re for specialized chairs to modern dental equipment, along with disposable gloves, sanitizers, bite registration material, dental film, applicators, and so much more.  Procuring the right dental supplies for your office and at good prices hasn’t always been that easy for dental offices, nor is it very efficient & effective use of time and resources at times too. However, we’ve put together some helpful tips for dental offices below.

Factors Dentists Should Consider Before Buying Supplies:


Every dentist is contacted weekly by suppliers for brands and those that represent a suite of products. It can be overwhelming for the dentists and office staff too. However, you should consider these tips before procuring your next round of dental supplies for the office.

1. Identify your supply needs

This is one of the most important items. It is not necessary to buy all the most expensive supplies all at once and it’s best to itemize which supplies you use the most often. Break them down by per patient needs daily, weekly, monthly. Consider the scope of your business growth too in terms of the number of new patients, what the majority of patients require in services and the supplies required to fulfill those services too. The more data insights you can use, the better your methods of procuring dental supplies will be for your office. Platforms that can help with using big data insights and that offer medical & dental supplies like bttn can help your practice procure dental supplies more effectively.

2. Supply pricing


The largest equipment, such as dental chairs, specialized office furniture, X-ray devices, etc can be quite pricey, but you won’t need to continually replenish them. Consumables like disposable gloves, applicators, and dental film, which are necessary every day, should also be of good quality, but do not need to break the bank in costs. Investing in quality supplies is of the utmost importance, but not every item has to be at the top, in terms of price. Many things are similar in quality, but don’t need to come with the big brand name pricing associated with the price too. Using better methods to procure supplies can really help you save on your overall supply bill each year.

3. Picking easy to use dental equipment


Although dental equipment tends to have similarities from brand to brand, some products differ in the way they are made by each manufacturer. Even today, there are still some differently designed instruments and other supplies that are in common use by Dentists daily. Everything you purchase in regards to supplies and instruments should be mainly what the dentist or hygienists prefer to use. Chasing the new shiny objects may not always be the best result for your office. So, you may want to spend time testing them out with free samples before making any bulk orders.

4. Evaluating your dental supplies and equipment

With so much going on daily at your practice, it’s good to step back and talk with your staff in more detail about the supplies and equipment they’re using for patients. Dental staff should always do their best to reassure patients, something Enhanced Dental Studios Sanctuary Cove take seriously. Experiences matter. Every quarter or so, it’s good practice to evaluate your dental supplies, equipment, and suppliers in further detail. How many supplies of a certain type of product do you use daily, weekly, or monthly? For example, are you going through a lot of nitrile gloves daily? Does your staff like the brands of gloves you do use? Are the prices you’re getting on bulk orders from suppliers really saving you money? Make sure to consult with colleagues, listen to their experiences and do not rush to buy a larger amount of supplies, no matter what it is.

5. Buy your dental supplies online


Many things can be bought online. And so it is with dental supplies. If you have been using certain dental products from well-known manufacturers for a long time and you are convinced of their quality, then it is even easier for you to decide to buy them online. Typically, online purchases tend to have lower prices overall. From various promotions, wholesale prices on dental supplies, and more. It’s best to check a few sites to get a gauge on costs and savings on supply purchases. When setting up your dental practice, it’s essential to consider the various supplies you’ll need, such as gloves, masks, and even dentist bibs, which can be found online.

What do from here on out

Most experienced dentists have certain processes and systems they use to find and order their dental supplies. They know what they like the most, what they use most often, and more. However, it’s still best to consult with your staff and other dental professionals about what’s new in the dental supplies & equipment world and what might be better to use for your daily supply needs. Change can be difficult, but embracing big data insights, ecommerce platforms, and other tools out there can really help your practice save a lot of time and money procuring dental supplies your office will need. Don’t fear technology, but embrace it and you will run a far more efficient dental office.