Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Sex Toy

It can be exciting purchasing your very first toy. However the process can be frustrating as well because there are so many options present in the market. You probably will not even know what type of sex toy you want if it is your first time getting one. The following is a brief guide to help you out when choosing dildos, vibrators, etc.

Observe the “body safe” label

You should buy something that is safe for your body. Body-safe materials include stuff like non-porous silicone, glass, as well as wood. There are many real body-safe toys present in the market, but there are also many phonies present. Sex toys tend to generally be made of six basic materials which are glass, wood, metal, silicone, hard plastic, as well as jelly (rubber and PVC). All the materials have their own advantages, depending upon what you want. This is why you should carry out some research so that you can be certain the toy is really safe for the body.

Glass and wood tend to be employed in making dildos. These are non-porous, simple to clean, as well as recyclable. The unbending quality that both of these have, and even steel, allows them to be good for the g-spot or also prostate stimulation.

You need to keep in mind that different materials are maintained differently. This is why you need to know about cleaning as well as care instructions.

Toy manufacturers know of the increasing popularity present of body-safe materials when it comes to toys. This is why some brand their materials as being “safe” when these may not actually be so. You should know for sure whether the intimate toy you are buying is body safe.

Research matters

You are focusing on buying something for yourself therefore you should not rush the decision and choose the first one that you see. You need to keep in mind that there is no toy that everyone will like.

To figure out which one to get, you should figure out what excites you as well as where you feel this in the body. You may be interested in g-spot toys, butt plugs or maybe suction vibrators. If you find something that is intriguing, you can explore it. Explore your different feelings as well as urges so that you can choose the right stuff. There are many options present, you should be able to find the one that will really excite you.

If you are looking for a vibrator, you may probably prefer internal or even external stimulation or also both simultaneously. Know where you wish to place the toy and also how you wish it to feel so that you can choose the right one.

Narrowing down your options will make it easier for you. Most stores tend to be organized along these lines, therefore having some desired sensation in mind may help you choose the toy quicker.

Check out reviews

You can have a look at reviews of different toys online. You can consider customer reviews present on valid websites such as, as well as user reviews in media outlets may help you know the positive and negative points concerning certain toys. You can consider blogs which review the sex toys you are looking for.

However you need to keep in mind that reviews as well as product descriptions may be as subjective like sexual preferences.

Everyone can find something

There is something present in the market for everyone. Those who have a penis can get something like masturbation sleeves or prostate massagers. Butt plugs are able to be employed by everyone. There are even toys present for couples like cock rings which a penis owner may wear and give clitoral stimulation when intercourse is occurring.

You can get Bluetooth enabled toys which let partners be involved in one another’s pleasure by employing a mobile app. This can be exciting for virtual intimacy for those who are in some long distance relationship.

Lube is important

This is something that you really need to get. Most bad sex occurs with poorly used lube. This is true with sex toys as well. Lube helps you remain comfortable so that you can really enjoy yourself.

Lube aims to limit friction so that you can have a smoother and also enjoyable experience. You can consider water-based lube which will not interfere with the particular material within sex toys.

Cleanliness matters

You need to keep your toys very clean. This is why you must select toys which are waterproof allowing it to be simple to clean them before as well as after you use them. You may use these type of toys in the shower as well. You must not be lazy after using them and clean them properly.

Select batteries carefully

Rechargeable toys are more convenient in comparison to battery-operated ones which need you to often buy and even replace the batteries. The rechargeable ones are usually of a higher quality as well.

Employ toys together

When you use toys together, you may end up with a good experience. You may use a clit stimulator as well as strap ons at the same time. This can be a wonderful combination. Toys are able to be enjoyable in partnered experiences also.

If you are sharing the toys with multiple partners, you need to be extra proactive concerning thoroughly washing them before and after use. Use condoms on the insertable toys if you want to remain safe.

Know which ones are phony

People will probably be less likely to complain if they get some counterfeit and faulty product. This is why you should make sure that the toy is one that comes from the toy company or also direct distributor. Some third-party websites have no regulation. You can find toys which have the same packaging as well as design, but are of a lower quality.

You can spot fake jelly toys when they reek of gasoline or maybe of something which smells like weed. Toys that are marked with “novelty” are not for bodily use.

It is important to do yourresearch carefully before getting any sex toy so that you do not end up with something that you hate.