Ways to Bypass Blocking and Online Casino Mirrors


Online gambling is a pleasant way of spending time, which allows not only to relax from the daily routine, but also to improve your financial situation.  However, this entertainment is not authorized in all countries. Moreover, even if a casino is licensed, network providers will block access to it because of a government decree. Obviously, this problem has its own solutions. These are the ones we will deal with in this article together with gambling expert Maryna Mykhailiuta.

Mirror of the Official Site – a Classic Blocking Bypass Solution


Virtual institutions most often use special mirrors, which allow players to place bets on their favorite games, even if the main site will be blocked. Users will only need to go to another source to play. However, the functionality of the site, its appearance, the range of activities and methods of withdrawal do not change in any way. Only the address of the resource may be modified. You can find a working mirror in various sources:

  • email newsletter from the casino;
  • club communities in social networks;
  • the official website of the company, etc.

The details about the company are specified in almost every site, whether it has a working mirror and how to access it. When registering at the institution, it is recommended to read this information immediately, so that there won’t be any problems with access. If you can not find a mirror on your own, you can write to the support service and clarify this issue with its staff.

Mobile Application for Online Gambling

The use of special mobile applications for gambling in casinos brings to users a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is very convenient. It is possible to bet in slots not only at home, but also in any other place with Internet access. Secondly, the application provides a direct connection between the consumer (player) and the server (institution), which completely excludes blocking. The network provider will not even know that a particular user is spending his time at poker, roulette or any other type of entertainment.

Such an option as a mobile application is provided only by licensed online platforms. At the same time, the possibility of installation on IOS and Android is available only in the best of them. For example, in slotocash casino users can spend their time playing games both on the official website and in a special application. And if the main resource is blocked, they can use the working mirror.

Applications for cell phones are designed so as not to overload the smartphone itself, but to give maximum useful features. There are several advantages that make this method of bypassing the blocking more popular among customers of the clubs:

  • fast access to your favorite games;
  • slow battery consumption;
  • stable play even with a low internet connection;
  • the ability to play at home, on the way to work, on vacation, in the park, etc.

It is worth noting that many companies offer users a greater number of benefits just after installing the application. The significance of the welcome bonus may differ, as well as the value of rewards such as reload bonuses.

Other Ways Options to Bypass Blocked Casino


If a player has a problem with access to the casino, he can try to solve it on his own. To date, there are several basic methods that can help reopen visits to a particular institution. Read more about them in the table below.

A way to bypass the blockage Explanation
VPN VPN is one of the most common blocking methods. It implies the installation of a secure encrypted connection of the user to the network. To make it work, gamers will need to download a special application. They come in two kinds: paid and free. In most cases, there is no sense in paying money to use a VPN. Paid applications may be necessary only for those users who want to provide themselves with complete anonymity. It is important to note that this method has several drawbacks. Firstly, bad apps can provide low connection speeds, which will certainly negatively affect the game. Secondly, some VPN servers collect and store information about the user’s online activities.
Proxy server This is a private version of a private network. A proxy hosted in another jurisdiction is used to access a blocked site. This method is just as popular as the VPN method. However, it can also affect the speed of the connection, making betting on games less enjoyable.
TOR This is a special browser that creates an anonymous network that encrypts all transmitted data. As a result, the user gets not only open access to previously blocked resources, but also complete privacy online. Do not worry about your personal data, which may be entered by the client during registration at the casino. The browser provides multi-level encryption, which will keep all information from intruders. Its main drawback is the low connection speed. You will not be able to watch movies or TV series in it. TOR is more suitable for exploring information on various sites. But even despite this, many users use this method to bypass blocking.
Anonymizers They are special sites that mask the IP of the user. All that is necessary to work with a blocked resource is to enter its address into an online anonymizer. They fairly quickly open access to the source, allowing gamers to play slots or other games again. It is worth noting that during the use of anonymizers, there will always be a banner on the client screen, which should not be clicked on. If it prevents you from concentrating on the game, it is better to choose another method of bypassing the blocking.
Changing the DNS service This method is considered one of the most difficult. Nowadays, it has lost its popularity, but it is still used by a certain number of players. To access a blocked resource, you will need to change some settings on your computer, namely change the DNS number to “8. 8. 8. 8.” or “8. 8. 4. 4.”.


These are the main methods that will help the player regain access to his favorite games on the casino site. Previously, it was possible to use special plugins – extensions to bypass restrictions. However, this method is practically not used now, as each browser requires the creation of an individual extension.

What is the Most  Reliable Method of Bypassing Blocked Sites?


To get around a blocked casino site, it is important to consider its reliability. Since during the authorization or withdrawal of funds, customers can enter their personal data, when the level of protection is insufficient, it can be stolen by intruders. We recommend using a special application or the official mirror to continue playing in a virtual institution. However, if the user does not want to resort to their use for any reason, it is better to pay attention to paid VPN services. They provide a high level of data encryption, allowing players not to worry about the entered personal information.


Today, there are several ways to bypass casino blocking. The most common ones are the use of working mirrors, mobile applications and VPN services. These methods not only allow you to start playing your favorite games again, but also establish a secure connection. You can also change the DNS-service in your computer settings or use the TOR browser to restore access.