Can Buccaneers Make The Playoffs?


It’s getting pretty tight in the NFC South right now. Atlanta Falcons are still leading that division after today’s win against the Arizona Cardinals, but teams from this division just keep winning. One of the most unlikely victories of the day was the deed of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Seattle Seahawks.

Just when you thought that Seattle is becoming a legit contender in the NFC, they drop a game like this one in Week 12. It was a low-scoring game in which Tampa got the 14:5 win.

Both New Orleans and Buccaneers ended up victorious in Week 12, but could Bucs actually make the Playoffs by either catching the Falcons or taking the Wild Card sport that is not that far away from them?

The answer is yes. Any of these squads can make a run at the Falcons, but we think Atlanta is going to be fine, they’ll close this division out and will enter the postseason as one of the top four seeds. One Wild Card will come out of the NFC East, but another one is still up for grabs between the South and the North. Any of these teams can get on a roll and win the last Playoff spot, including Jameis Winston and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


The current situation in NFC is like this. Falcons are first with 7-4 score with the win in the last game, and the next one on their schedule is the game against Kansas City Chiefs. After three victories in a row Bucs are at 6-5 and will be going to San Diego next round. The third spot is currently reserved for New Orleans Saints that are sitting at 5-6, and they will host Detroit Lions in Week 13. What is interesting is that they will play two more times before the end of the regular part of the season and those two duels could easily decide who will go to the postseason.

Do we think they are going to do it? No. Do they have a chance? Absolutely.