What Can The Cowboys Get In Tony Romo Trade?


There is a lot of buzz about the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback situation. They are on a bye week, but as soon as Week 7 is over and everybody starts talking about next Sunday’s games, Cowboys will be right back in the center of all the news, rumors, and opinions. If they decide that the best thing to do is trade away Romo, you have to ask yourself what can they get in return for aging quarterback.

The main problem in that move will be that deal that Tony Romo got a couple of years ago. He takes a lot of cap space, and it’s hard for teams to take that contract. It also doesn’t help the fact that he is getting up there in age and that he is becoming more and more injury prone. You just never know if he’ll hold up and stay healthy.

Dallas needs to ask themselves is it really worth trading Romo when you struggled to find a legitimate backup QB last season. Before Dak Prescott took over, they had only one win in the last 14 games when Tony Romo was out. Now, they do have a backup, but Romo might be the one who will back up Prescott.


Unless Cowboys can find someone desperate enough for a quarterback and is ready to give a lot for him and give away high-round draft picks back, they should stick with Tony Romo. Later on, they can decide whether or not he or Dak Prescott should lead this team for the rest of this season. But looking at the games and performances that Dak provided it is more than obvious that he should be the one to lead this squad.