Can The Cowboys Win The Super Bowl LII?


The Dallas Cowboys were the best team in the NFC during the regular season. You don’t go 13-3 for the year if you are not a great squad. They were balanced on the offensive side of the ball as they had a perfect mix of the running game and passing game. All of that enabled their defense to stay on the pine and not get exposed.

Now, the team looks the same on offense, but there are some changes on the defensive side of the ball. Have they improved in that department or have they taken a step back? Are they good enough to win the Super Bowl LII?


Well, in the long run, they have improved as they have picked up some good pass defenders that have potential to be pretty great. But, we are talking strictly about the Super Bowl LII. If you believe that rookie corners will make a huge impact in their first season right away, then yes, they can go all the way.

But, we have seen that rookie cornerbacks can be exposed badly against great offenses. Dallas D won’t be on the field as much as other defenses as they are going to do the same thing that they have tried to in the past couple of seasons. They will try to run the ball and control the clock. Still, the defense wasn’t good enough last year for them to go to the Super Bowl and they seem way too young and inexperienced this year for them to be able to defend offenses like the Falcons or the Packers have. Giants new offense can also give them a lot of troubles in the division which is why they are probably not going to go all the way this season.