Can Green Bay Make The Playoffs?

Two weeks ago Packers‘ quarterback Aaron Rodgers stated that his team could run the table, win out and make the postseason. So far they are two for two after that statement. They handled the Eagles with ease in Philly and ground one out against the Texans in a Snow Ball.

Aaron Rodgers went 20/30 for 209 yards and two scores. That was enough for the Packers to get the job done against the Texans. But, can this squad actually make the Playoffs?

Well, Detroit Lions are making it tough for them as they made a statement on the road by beating the Saints in New Orleans. That is never an easy thing to do so that win is pretty impressive. Still, Packers do have a shot at catching their divisional rivals as they will meet with them on the final day of the regular season.

The matchup against the Seahawks is going to be pretty tough for the Pack. If they can win that duel, they will be in a great position since they shouldn’t have any problems beating the Bears and Vikings who are coming to the Lambeau.

So can Green Bay make it to the postseason? Yes, of course. If they win the match against Seattle, they will be on their way. That is their do or die game. If they lose, they are probably done. If they win, they will live to see another day.