Can Oakland Raiders Be Competitive Without Derek Carr?

Oakland Raiders ended up winning the game against the Indianapolis Colts, but the victory came with a hefty price. Their starting quarterback and an MVP Candidate Derek Carr got injured this Saturday and is going to miss the remainder of the season.

He will be forced to miss 6 to 8 weeks with the injury, and that means he is going to miss the whole postseason. Can this Raiders team make some noise even without their starting signal caller?

Well, if we by making some noise mean the trip to the Super Bowl and winning the Lombardi Trophy, of course, they won’t make that kind of noise. If Carr was healthy, we still wouldn’t pick them to come out of the AFC. But, if we are talking about making it to the AFC Championship game, we think they can do it.

Week 17 is going to be crucial for that. If they want to make it to the AFC Championship game, they need to win the match on Sunday, end up in the first place of the table and secure the Wild Card round bye. If they manage to do that, they could easily face a team like the Texans in the Divisional Round, at Black Hole, in front of the hungry Raider nation that hasn’t watched their team in the Playoffs for over a decade.

Oakland Raiders are still a decent squad, with a good backup quarterback that still has all the weapons at his disposal that Carr had. Winning a Playoff duel at Black Hole doesn’t seem impossible.