Can Prescott Take His Game To The Next Level?

Everybody expects the Dallas Cowboys to continue where they left off a year ago and build on the great season that they had. The success that this squad enjoyed was great, but they should not take it for granted and expect to repeat the same thing this season while not improving at all. They need to take their game to the next level, and that includes team quarterback Dak Prescott. Can he do it?

People that are around the club say that it is really hard not to buy in when it comes to the Cowboys’ QB. He just seems to be someone that people want to follow, a natural leader and somebody that gives you the impression that he really cares about the game of football, his coaches, and his teammates. Those are all the qualities that you want to see in a guy that you believe will be your franchise QB going forward.

Dak Prescott also loves proving people wrong and showing everybody just how good he actually is. Many have said that he won’t be able to play QB at the college level, but he did it with a lot of success. Then, there was a lot of signal callers that were taken before him in the draft, and he needed to wait all the way until the 4th round. But, he ended up outplaying every single guy that was drafted before him on the offensive side of the ball.

Now, people are questioning whether or not he can improve and continue to lead this team. He has a history of stepping up and taking his game to the next level, so we don’t see why he couldn’t do it again. There is no doubt that the Cowboys will need him to be great in order to lift that Lombardi trophy in January.