Can Steelers Survive Without Ben Roethlisberger?

Pittsburgh Steelers just lost a game to the Dolphins in Miami. But, that wasn’t even the biggest news of that duel. Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered an injury in the first half. That had a lot of impact on the final score as he is the most important piece on the field for Steelers. Even though he was able to make a return in the second half, he wasn’t 100 percent, and it was already too late.

It appears that Big Ben suffered a torn meniscus and it will require surgery. He will do that today, and we will hope for the best. If they have to repair it all together, Roethlisberger will miss a lot of time. But, if it’s just a clean up in his knee, he might miss only one week. Steelers would probably be careful with him if he just needs that cleanup, but it helps that they have a bye week coming after Sunday’s showdown with New England Patriots.

It’s hard to see them being good if Big Ben is not on the field. He is the focal point of that franchise, and this team is not a contender in the AFC if he is unable to go for the rest of the season. Patriots are for sure favorites against them even in Pittsburgh.

After that bye week, they will play against Baltimore on the road, and they might pull off a win there even if Roethlisberger misses that match. If it’s just a cleanup, he should be able to come after that round, if not even for that duel in Baltimore. This is a tough time for all Steelers fans and a huge blow for this squad but just as any other top level athlete we are sure that Big Ben will try and recover as soon as possible and be on the field with his team.