Can You Create Your Own Cryptocurrency


It is not a secret that different types of cryptocurrencies had many ups and downs during their improvement process. Despite that, people do not even know exactly how many different cryptos exist in the world. A huge number of them exist because each individual on this planet can create his own cryptocurrency.

So, the answer to the question from the title is “Yes, you can create your own cryptocurrency”. Everyone who has a powerful computer device can do that. Still, this doesn’t mean that you do not have to possess certain skills and knowledge.

There are many things that you need to take care of. First of all, you need to have a talent for coding. Without coding skills, you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Still, thanks to advanced technology and improved methodologies, things are a lot easier now than before.


Despite the technical side, you need to think and act like an entrepreneur. First of all, you need to improve your knowledge and theory. Websites like can provide you the knowledge improvement. However, do not stop there. It is recommendable that you try to find as many as possible reliable resources. After that, you need to improve your marketing skills.

Bitcoin did not become the most popular crypto because of its features. The developers of this virtual currency found the right way to promote this new invention to the people. Keep in mind that their work was tougher than yours. Indeed, there is a huge number of cryptos and the competition is tough. However, when something is completely new, the customers need time to accept it and adjust to it. It is not a secret that even today, you can find people that are skeptical about cryptocurrencies.

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency?


Well, there are two different things that we want to analyze here. First of all, we already said that the importance of technical background is crucial. Because of that, if you do not have high-quality technical skills, then it would be better to find someone who has. It is always great to have a partner that will completely take care of coding issues.

Despite that, every person that wants to create his cryptocurrency has two options. You can create and develop an all-new cryptocurrency. Still, you can also set up a personal Bitcoin fork. We do not want to say which of these two options is better. We will leave that decision to you. However, we would want to analyze these two things a bit more. Let’s get started!

Creating New Blockchain


This option is not for everyone. If you are a beginner, then starting your crypto journey with this option is wrong. On the contrary, if you are an expert that understands how this world functions, then we encourage you do try out this method.

Setting up your cryptocurrency from the very beginning opens many doors. The creator will have some completely new and unique features. No one else will have the right to set the current parameters. You are the only one who brings the most important decisions. Yet, we believe that even experienced people are afraid to take some risks. Still, that’s why we previously sad that you need to have a mindset of an entrepreneur.

The biggest risk of all is not taking any risks. This is something that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said in one of his interviews. Who would say that the entire world will have the chance to send and receive messages for free? Well, you do not know what is going to happen with your cryptocurrency. Maybe it will become more popular than Bitcoin.

Let’s highlight three different things that you can achieve thanks to this option.

First of all, there are a couple of customization options available for every “creator”. If you are creative enough, you will easily split from the masses thanks to this feature. The second decision you have to make is to decide if you want to have miners or minters. This depends a lot on earnings and rewards. The experienced crypto users know that there are 2 types of rewards – proof of work and proof of stake. Finally, the third option you have is the size of a block and maximum coin supply. Despite that, you also decide on the rate at which new coins will be issued.

So, when you look closer, these options are risky. You do not to be afraid of taking those risks. Still, you need to be cleaver and gain enough knowledge before choosing this option. Because of that, we want to move to the second one that is more suitable.

Creating Your Bitcoin Fork


As we said, controlling everything is nice. However, it is complex for beginners. Fortunately, you have an alternative that deserves the attention of a beginner. Well, there is also an option to create your own Bitcoin fork for free. We believe this piece of information caused a smile on your face.

The beginner will start his journey with a dependable open-source code. This code is readily available to everyone. So, creating a unique coin is a lot easier comparing to the previous option. You can use the code available for a coin that is the closest to the features that you plan to use.

Once again, we want to highlight free reasons why beginners should use this option.


When you run a cryptocurrency with a secure Blockchain, you won’t have to worry about any fraudulent attacks. Many miners will be on the network. If this type of attack happens, then you won’t have to worry about the network’s security.

The second reason why you should use this option is built-in decentralized exchanges. Despite that, some similar features will allow everyone to trade using your crypto coin.

Finally, the first option requires a lot of time. You won’t have a lot of free time when developing your crypto from scratch. Still, here you do not have coding duties which means that you won’t have to spend time on that.

So, tell us, does create your own cryptocurrency seem interesting? Are you willing to use one of these two options? We would like to hear from you!