Can You Get Rich Through Online Trading – 2024 Guide

Online trading is always on the list of top five’s “how to get rich fast schemes”. But is that really true or is it simply a means to fill a spreadsheet? Well, Online trading can be a very lucrative job, but it does require a lot of extensive knowledge on the subject to get rich.

Naturally, the answer to this question would be “yes” but we have to go through a few other things before we can make it unequivocal. It is precisely why we’ve decided to bring to you an article that will serve as a 2024 guide.

If you ever wanted to start online trading then this is the article for you.


There are some huge players trading currencies every single day. These players/companies have either trained their whole lives for it or have hit a stroke of good luck.

The online marketplace is seen by many experts as a way of getting fast profits. However, statistics show otherwise. In 2019 alone, the two biggest companies that use the marketplace registered net losses of 68%.

It’s also a well-known fact that the majority of new traders fail, rather than succeed. However, the majority of traders also lack the extensive knowledge in the industry to succeed; this is something we talked at the very beginning of the article.

Trading is a double edge sword that can bring you huge profits and huge losses at the same time. The number of factors that play an important role in you losing money is numerous, and this can be anything from the risks all the way to platform malfunctions.

Politics and business also play key roles in day-to-day trading. A simple act of policy or a decision made by a government that uses a specific currency can make or break the value of that currency.

This can either inflict huge losses to holders of that currency or spike huge profits to traders that have sold on time.

Predicting these events is very difficult as they are extremely unpredictable. These are the biggest risks that they traders face whenever they put their trust in a currency.

However, there is a silver lining as you’ll eventually understand how this industry works and you do that through lots of research and education.

Not For Small Players

Ask any professional trader or any person that uses the marketplace on a daily basis and they will tell you that trading is not for those that lack capital.

Investing $200 will get you nowhere, and especially not in a short amount of time. It is deemed by many experts that you cannot get rich through trading without having at least $10,000 of capital.

Due to its enormous size, popular trends, and strong volatility, online trading is one of the most popular means of speculating what’s to come in the world of currencies.

You might think you’ll score huge on the dollar against the euro based on a few speculations, but this is highly unlikely if you invest $200.

A lot of players are tricked into becoming millionaires and billionaires only by investing a small amount of money. This act of false hope and misguidance hinders the normal person and those who wish to get rich.

If you want to become rich through online trading then you have to have a larger capital to work with. But before you do all that, you’ll need to find the marketplace where you’ll invest. There are dozens if not hundreds of marketplaces that specialize in hundreds of FX pairings. These marketplaces are called brokers, and they allow you to trade currencies on their platform. For more information about one of these platforms make sure to visit Naga.

It Takes Skill And Time To Get Rich

This is probably the part of the article that you’ve all been waiting for. To give you the unequivocal “yes” you’ll have to sacrifice a few things in life. Online trading is a huge area and a huge industry that is by no means easy to master.

A lot of people have jobs in the industry and it’s not that easy for a person that thinks of it as a hobby to get rich in it. If you truly want to become rich through trading, then you have to be serious about it.

Thinking of it as a hobby will only lose you money. Instead, you have to invest a lot of your time; and we mean a lot. People have left their jobs for the prospect of making money through trading currencies. Skilled and experienced traders make a lot of money in trading. But much like everything else in life, don’t expect to make it overnight.

There is a popular saying that goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day“, and neither will you get rich overnight.

Learn From Your Mistakes

If you’re truly serious about online trading, then you probably watch a lot of videos and read dozens of articles on it in the future. And in each and every one of these you’ll hear a few things repeating. The first thing that everyone will say is that trading isn’t a” get rich quick” scheme but rather an investment strategy.

The second thing you hear is to learn from your mistakes. But what does this mean for your money? Does learning from your mistake meaning you have to invest more money because you’ve previously lost them?

Well, not entirely. Everyone makes mistakes while trading. It’s very hard to predict an FX pair but losing your money doesn’t necessarily make it a mistake. A mistake in this industry is something that we’ve been talking about all along in this article. A mistake is not educating yourself enough on the subject.

A mistake is not reading guides on how platforms work, how pairings work, what influences the market, and dozens if not hundreds of other things. Keeping up-to-date with all the recent news related to the industry will only open your world to the world of online trades.

It will introduce you to some of the key concepts in the industry and it’ll introduce you to trends and topics to follow to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.