6 Car Accessories For Camping You Can’t Live Without

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Summer is here and that means it’s camping season! Most people plan camping trips from June through August, so it’s the perfect time to load up the car and head out into nature. 

There are many car accessories available to make your drive to the campsite enjoyable, but once you arrive, here are 6 accessories you can’t camp without:

An air mattress for the back seat of your car

What would you do if you came back to your campsite after a hike and found bears or mountain lions roaming around? If you’re camping far away from civilization, you’d probably get in your car and wait for them to leave. What would you do if the animals didn’t leave and you had to spend the night in your car? You could sleep in the back seat, but you’ll probably wake up with a sore neck.

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Luckily, companies have been producing air mattresses that fit like a wedge in the back seat of a car. These air mattresses fill the entire back seat area and have “legs” that rest in the floor space on either side to keep the mattress stable. If there’s a chance that you’ll have to spend the night in your car, you can’t live without one of these air mattresses. To learn more about camping mattresses, we suggest checking out easytripguides.com for more.

A stowaway box to carry and organize your gear

Forbes.com published data that concluded 53% of new campers camp in tents, 25% use cabins, and 19% camp in RVs. The appeal of cabins and RVs is obvious: more comfort and more space to stash your stuff.

When you’re camping in a tent, without access to a cabin or an RV, you don’t have the luxury to keep all of your items at hand. Even if you have a large tent, you don’t want to drag all of your gear in and out of your tent. You could store your gear in the car, but then you have to deal with door locks and your car alarm. 

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When you can drive right up to your campsite, all you need is a lockable box strapped to a rack mounted to your trailer hitch. You can put your bulky gear in the box and access it from outside of your car with a simple key. 

Visit Stowaway2.com to browse a variety of available locked boxes and hitch racks perfect for storing fishing gear, axes, extra blankets, and anything else you might need to access regularly.

A tent to put over the bed of your pickup

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Camping without a traditional tent is easy when you’ve got a pickup truck. There are tents made specifically to cover the back of a pickup as long as you can tie some rope around a few trees.

An electric cooler that plugs into your car’s 12V outlet

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An electric cooler will keep your beverages cold on those hot summer days. Just plug it into your car’s 12V outlet and you’ll have cold drinks in no time! Alternatively, you could get a cooler that plugs into a standard outlet if you’re using a generator, but unless you’re camping with a large group, you won’t need a cooler that uses that much power.

A road shower mounted to your car’s top rack

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You never know when you might need pressurized water while camping. A road shower mounted to the top rack of your car gives you access to pressurized water wherever you go. You can use it to spray dirt and mud off the side of your car or to remove sand from your body if you’re camping at the beach.  

A 12V portable stove

If the novelty of using a rocket stove has worn off, you need a 12V portable stove. Wrap some pre-cooked hamburgers or steaks in foil and warm it all up in the stove. Or cook your food from scratch in the same manner. 

The benefit to using a 12V stove is the convenience of plugging it into your car’s 12V outlet

Remember to enjoy the outdoors

Accessories for your car will make your camping trips more convenient, but don’t forget to enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t get too comfortable. Enjoy your time in nature, and remember the reason you left the city behind.