Cena Reveals His Favorite Matches In The WWE

Source: intheneutralzone.com

People are often way too quick to criticize John Cena on a lot of subjects. Yes, he has made some questionable decisions, and he is not perfect backstage by any means, but this guy does set an example for everybody in the company. He got himself over with the fans and wasn’t shoved down the fans throats as Roman Reigns now is. He was pushed because the fans accepted him at first.

He should have put over the newer talent more often in the past, but it seems that he is making up for it these days as he has had some amazing matches in the past couple of years where he indeed laid down for the three count for somebody new. AJ Styles is the prime example of that.

Cena has been around for many years, has seen a lot of matches live as a fan and as a performer, so he does have a difficult choice when he needs to pick out one that is his favorite. Well, he was asked about it and here you can read which duel he picked in his own words.

Source: youtube.com

“The greatest match I’ve ever seen? Hmmm… Undertaker/Shawn Michaels, the first time, Wrestlemania. That’s the one I had to follow and I remember sitting in the gorilla position with Big Show and Edge. We had the triple threat (match) at the time. And they just went out and crafted a masterpiece, an absolute masterpiece.”

Cena was also asked about his favorite match that he participated in. The leader of Cenation gave his usual answer to that kind of a question. You can imagine that he gets asked about that a lot and he always says that his favorite match is the next one since that means that he gets to do something that he dearly loves.