Cena Talks About Missing Monday Night Raw

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The go-home edition of Monday Night Raw for the No Mercy pay per view that will take place this Sunday in Staples Center has ended, and we are set for the matches that are going to happen at the show. One of the biggest duels this year that WWE has booked is the battle that is going to happen on Sunday when John Cena and Roman Reigns meet in the ring for the first time in their careers.

The feud was solid so far as they have had a lot of great verbal battles that usually ended with Cena coming out on top as the winner. It is one of the biggest matches that WWE could book with the people that they have on their roster right now. Many have wondered why this battle wasn’t saved for Wrestlemania, which speaks about just how important this feud is.

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Roman Reigns was present on Monday Night Raw this week, and he had some things to say about his opponent this Sunday. But, as we already knew a couple of days before Raw, Cena was scheduled to miss the show because he was in China doing live events for the WWE. He is the face of the company when it comes to China and a great spokesperson, talking in their language. He has talked about just how important was to him to be there, doing live events in China.

“I will literally spend more time in a fuselage than I will on the ground here, that’s how important this trip was to me. I was initially supposed to miss this event, and I bent time to be here. This is taking priority above a lot of things, including me being in the air the entire day on Monday, so you can do the math to see how important this is.”