Cesaro And Sheamus Win The Tag Belts At Extreme Rules


The Hardy Boys have always had the upper hand against the team of Cesaro and Sheamus. They were always one step ahead of them, and they were booked to win almost every single match that these guys had, whether it is in singles competition or if it was a tag team battle. Their reign started at Wrestlemania 33 when they made their big return, but it ends now.

This feels like a good move by the WWE. The Hardys were starting to get a bit boring with the championships while Cesaro and Sheamus are on the rise now as the bad guys. It looked like they needed to win this in order to boost that momentum going forward even more and that is what the writers decided to do.


This was a very well done steel cage match in which both teams needed to escape outside of the cage if they wanted to win the battle and walk away as the champions. Cesaro and Sheamus were able to do that before the Team Extreme members were able to do it as Matt was unable to help out Jeff get to the floor in time for them to keep the belts around their waists.

It is unclear where do the Hardys go on from here. When, or rather if we are going to see Broken Matt Hardy in the WWE is the biggest question going forward. They are probably going to split up eventually. Jeff will get a big singles push as he is still as popular and as good as he ever was. As far as Matt goes, if TNA Impact does not let him use the gimmick in WWE’s ring, it seems that he is going to get lost in the shuffle after Team Extreme decides to split up in order to find success in the singles division.