What Are The Chances For Carolina Panthers To Make The Postseason?


Carolina Panthers held on at home last night to earn their fourth win of the season against the New Orleans Saints. They led for most of the game but failed to score in the final quarter of the match which allowed Saints to crawl back into the duel but fall just short.

Now, both teams are sitting at 4-6, two games behind the Atlanta Falcons. Can the Panthers actually catch them? Can New Orleans Maybe do it?

New Orleans Saints have a shot for sure, but they are not better than the reigning NFC Champions, and we are not going to pick them over the Panthers as the biggest threat in the NFC South. We are going to count out the New Orleans Saints right now.


But, we don’t think that Atlanta is going to slip up. There is a chance for that, but it’s a small one. This Panthers squad has not shown us that they can play a good brand of football on a consistent basis. Besides that, Carolina’s best defensive player Kuiechy got injured last night, and his availability is questionable.

Even if the Falcons slip and end up with an 8-8 record, we still think that Panthers might not be able to catch them. That loss against the Chiefs showed who they are as a team and we just can’t trust them to play well in every round going forward. They are still a decent crew with the possibility to show some really good performances. Just not Playoff bound this season.