What Are The Chances For Falcons To Get Back To The Super Bowl In The Near Future?


Everybody is in love with the Atlanta Falcons and what they have done in the past two games in the Playoffs. Their offense has been nothing short of spectacular during the regular season and in the postseason. Falcons are leaning on Matt Ryan and the crew to get the job done in their duels. The defense has been decent in the Playoffs, but the offensive side of the ball is where this squad is making the difference.

They had a good season and great Playoffs. But, can they actually get back to the Super Bowl in the next couple of years. There are good arguments for them getting back to the grandest stage of them all in football and also not being able to do what they did this year.


When we talk about why they can make it in the coming years, you have to put their offense at the top of that list. The offense is set for years to come with great playmakers in the backfield and at the wideout position. If they do make it, it’s because of that offense.

But, we are leaning more towards them not going to the Super Bowl in years to come. Their division is not easy, and we expect the Panthers to rebound from a bad year that they had. Bucs are also on the rise and Saints can be dangerous if they give a boost to their defense. The biggest reason for them not making it back to Super Bowl is probably the fact that Kyle Shanahan, a guy that is constructing their offense, will be gone and the Falcons probably won’t be as good as they were this season.