Charles Barkley Makes A Surprising Pick For Best All-Around Player – Not Named LeBron James?

Charles Barkley is one of the greatest power forward players that has ever stepped on the NBA hardwood. But as an analyst, he has had some of the most blasphemous statements that you’ll ever hear somebody make. He is hilarious just like the rest of that Inside the NBA crew, it’s always great to watch those guys, but Chuck’s statements are sometimes mind-blowing.

When he was asked about the best All-Around players in the NBA besides the obvious choice of LeBron James, Chuck surprised everyone.

“I think Klay Thompson is the best All-Around player, besides LeBron James, in the NBA.”

Thompson has established himself as a two-way player in the NBA, but he is just not versatile enough on the offensive side of the ball to be called the second best All-Around player in the NBA. Kawhi Leonard is a player that comes to mind besides LeBron James. Blake Griffin can also be mentioned in that conversation.

The case can even be made for Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Russell Westbrook and many more players. Klay Thompson is good but doesn’t distribute the ball. His defense is probably a bit overrated as well.

Curry was the one that was guarding Irving during the NBA Finals. Everybody talked about him killing Steph and exposing his defense, but Thomspon was also a lot on Kyrie. Cavs point guard gave him many headaches just like he did to Curry.

There is no doubt that Thompson is an All-Star in the NBA, but we are just not sure that you can call him the second best all-arounder behind King James.