Charlotte Prefering Being A Heel Or A Face?


When we look at the most talented women ever that have stepped a foot in the WWE ring, we need to talk about Charlotte and her abilities. She is just a phenomenal athlete, a daughter of Nature Boy Ric Flair, one of the greatest wrestling personalities and wrestlers of all time. Charlotte has been great during her run with the WWE so far and there is no doubt that only good things in her career are ahead of her.

Even though she started as a babyface on the main roster, her best work came as a heel in a feud with Paige. Then after that, she quickly became the best talker on the mic out of all the women. Yes, she talks slowly nowadays, which can be annoying at times, but she looks believable when she talks. Working as a heel has given her a lot of success on Monday Night Raw, but now she is a face on the blue brand.


It is a bit of an adjustment for her as she needs to find a way to make her character interesting again, but now her goal is to get cheered and not booed. It is a good thing that WWE didn’t give her the title right after she showed up on Smackdown Live. As a face, she needs to be chasing and that is what they are going to do with her after Wrestlemania. Here is what she thinks about being a face and a heel on the WWE TV.

“Since I am a babyface now, I am going to put all my energy into being the best babyface ever. My comfort Zone and where I feel most natural is being a heel. My character could stay the same and people like my character versus disliking it. It’s more me trying to figure out how that works and staying true to my character regardless of what side I’m on.”