Charlotte Is Ready For A Match With Ronda Rousey

The rumors were swirling around that Ronda Rousey is going to transition from the UFC to the WWE and make her wrestling debut when her training is complete. It seems that she is not going to return to the UFC and challenge for the title again after two straight losses. Rousey has been involved with the WWE during the Mae Young Classic, which only enhanced the rumor mill to keep working.

If, or rather when, she makes her WWE debut, the biggest match that she could do is probably against Charlotte Flair. There is no doubt that the four-time Women’s Champion is the most credible star to go up against someone that is as legit as Rousey. This sounds like a Wrestlemania blockbuster match, and it will probably happen in the future. Whenever Charlotte is doing an interview nowadays, she is always asked about her dad’s well-being and Ronda Rousey.

When she was asked about her, she was quick to say: “She knows where to find me!” She is ready for that match, and she wants Rousey in the ring. But, overall, she had a lot of respect for her and what she was able to achieve in her professional MMA career.

“So many people care about her,” Charlotte stated. “I’m glad that she’s bringing so much attention to the sport. But if you’re asking me whether or not she’ll be joining the WWE, or whether there will be a match between us, I can honestly say that I have no idea.”

WWE wants this battle to happen since they will gain a lot of mainstream attention. The only question is if all the parties can reach a deal that is going to be good for both of them.