Charlotte vs. Bayley – Fastlane PPV Picks And Predictions

Charlotte and Bayley will meet yet again at Fastlane pay per view, and it will be for the Women’s Raw Championship. Bayley has won the title on Monday Night Raw a couple of weeks back, and Charlotte will try to regain the title at Fastlane. She is still undefeated in championship matches at the pay per views. Will she win again at Fastlane?

WWE decided to give the title to Bayley on Monday Night Raw, just like they did with Sasha Banks a couple of times in 2016. The better decision would have probably been for her to win it at Wrestlemania 33 and have that big moment at the grandest stage of them all. The company didn’t want to wait for that event, and they gave the title anyway.

Charlotte has that streak going for her and WWE is probably not going to break it at B level pay per view like Fastlane. They are mentioning that successful run every single Monday, and they are trying to build it up. Someone will break it eventually, and it’s going to be a big deal when that happens, but that it’s not going to be at the Fastlane PPV.

Bayley might win the title at Wrestlemania 33, but Charlotte is more than likely to go into Orlando as the champion. WWE will probably do a fatal four-way match at the biggest event of the year where Bayley might win the title, but Charlotte is not the one that is going to get pinned. This one is pretty easy to pick.

Winner: Charlotte takes the title, probably with the help of Dana Brooke.